Sustainable Biofuel Option for Kasigau
ABOUT THE PROJECT: In collaboration with my family's non-profit ABE Club, I introduced the Legacy Foundation’s Biofuel Briquette technology to five small villages in southern Kenya equipping each village with the materials and funding to begin their own briquette making business.

OUR GOAL: To provide the Kasigau villages with a sustainable bio-fuel alternative that can replace household and individual production and burning of firewood and charcoal. The village’s use of briquettes saves time and effort in producing the fuel necessary for daily household cooking and helps prevent deforestation of Kasigau’s natural environment.

THE LEGACY FOUNDATION: The Legacy Foundation founded by Richard and Joyce Stanley is based in Ashland, Oregon. They provide detailed bio-fuel briquette technology manuals, training, and advice and were an invaluable resource for my project. Joyce connected me with their colleagues Francis and Mary Kavita without which my project would not have been possible.
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